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Sales organizations are facing multiple challenges that are hindering their potential to perform and do so efficiently. Among these challenges are the increasing cost of attracting and retaining top talents, ramping up new employees coming from non-Sales backgrounds, enabling first-time Sales managers and upskilling existing teams.

We help bringing your teams up to cruising speed with Sales training and coaching for people by people.

Our H2H™ programs (Human2Human) focus on why and how people buy as well as how and why salespeople perform, to bring back humans at the core of what selling means.

Your 1-minute summary

Why invest in Sales training & coaching?
  • Experience and expertise. Bring knowledge and methodologies built on years of experience in Sales in different industries to complement your internal product enablement efforts.
  • A fresh perspective. Get perspective on your sales process to identify areas where you can improve and apply new sales techniques that you haven’t thought of before.
  • Develop a training plan. Develop a training plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your sales team and that aims at meeting objections and developing their competencies.
  • Ongoing support. Provide ongoing support to your sales team after the training is complete with representative and manager coaching and mentoring, and help them stay up-to-date on the latest sales trends.
What impact should we expect?
  • Increased sales performance. Help your sales team learn the skills and techniques they need to be more successful and increase sales output while reducing sales costs.
  • Improved customer experience. Enable your teams to better understand and meet the needs of your customers to close more, faster and build lasting relationships.
  • Reduced turnover. By developing the skills and confidence your teams need to be successful, you can reduce turnover and keep your top performers happy.
  • Improved morale. Get your sales teams to feel more confident and motivated leading to improved morale, increased productivity and engagement.
  • Enhanced brand image. More confident teams and better customer experience allows your sales function to represent your brand in a positive way.
How does it work practically?
  • Assessment. We evaluate the knowledge and skills of your salespeople and manager to assess training needs and set post-training performance indicators.
  • In-person training or remote. We deliver a tailored training program in the workplace or remotely.
  • Interactive sessions. We plan interactive sessions and Q&As involving group exercises, discussions and engaging teaching methods such as role-plays and fish-bowl exercises.
  • Homework. We provide homework at the end of each session to ensure concepts and methodologies are fully understood and applied.

Programs Overview


H2H™ Sales Program

The 5-day core program that lays the foundations of selling.
  • How to become good at Sales
  • Cold calling, managing gatekeepers & pitching
  • Educating, creating value & transferring ownership
  • Keeping control & handling difficult conversations
  • Creating urgency & closing

H2H™ Plus

A comprehensive selection of training modules to complement the core program.
  • Business acumen & talking numbers
  • The art of Social Selling
  • Account Management best practices
  • Strategic Account Management & planning
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Using Gen.AI for productivity

H2H™ Sales Manager Program

The best way to epower your first-time Sales managers.
  • Principles of Sales Management
  • Hiring the right way
  • Building trust & coaching
  • Setting goals & objectives
  • Managing performance

H2H™ Coaching

Ad-hoc support on deal-making, people management and beyond.
  • Coaching sessions for reps
  • Coaching sessions for managers
  • Shadowing sessions
  • Pipeline reviews
  • Sales planning reviews
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