Recruiting & Outsourcing

Deciding between hiring and outsourcing can be challenging.

We help you better understand the opportunities and risks related to scaling up your Sales function but most importantly, provide you with the support you need to implement your strategy.

From defining your recruitment and outsourcing needs to ensuring you are bringing in the right people and enabling them the right way, our team is here to help you build an efficient and agile Sales engine.

Your 1-minute summary

Why invest in recruiting & outsourcing?
  • Save time. Scaling up is a time-consuming process, especially if you’re not equipped with the right internal resources and teams or are not sure about who and how to hire.
  • Get access to a wider pool of candidates. Leverage a bigger network of highly-qualified and trained Sales professionals who have the competencies and training to ramp up quickly.
  • Get advice. Access expert advice on everything from job descriptions to compensation best practices to make sure that you’re making the best possible hiring decisions and never miss out on talents.
  • Reduce your risk. Hire candidates who are a good fit from both a competencies and a company culture perspectives and avoid unwanted churn costs.
What impact should we expect?
  • Faster ramp up times. Get your sales resources up to speed faster with methodology-trained and competencies-vetted people.
  • Increased performance. See a direct correlation between the number of sales resources you bring in and the overall output of your sales function.
  • Reduced churn & costs. Reduce unwanted churn and early terminations by ensuring sales hires meet behavioral and performance expectations.
How does it work practically?
  • Assessing your hiring needs. We assess with you what positions you need to fill, the skills and experience required for those positions, and the number of people you need to hire.
  • Developing a recruitment strategy. We help you build a plan for how you will find and attract qualified candidates. 
  • Executing your recruitment strategy. We set up recruitment and interviewing processes and start executing through outreach, screening and interviewing.
  • Onboarding new hires. We help you build an onboarding plan to bring new hires up to speed from a cultural, technical, operational and competencies perspective.

Services Overview


Recruitment Planning

Support to make the right hiring & outsourcing decisions.
  • Outsourcing & scaling options
  • Hiring strategy
  • Hiring & interviewing processes
  • Compensation & offer strategy


Dedicated recruitment resources for sales, management and executive roles.
  • End to end recruitment
  • Supersub pool access
  • External network access
  • Screening & interviewing

BPO Implementation

Operational support for your internal or outsourced scaled sales function.
  • Site management planning
  • Technology, tools & processes
  • Hiring & onboarding
  • Training
Bring in the right people & competencies

Get help hiring & scaling